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IPhone 11 incell screen $ 70

Screen iPhone X soft oled $ 150

IPhone XS hard oled screen $ 115

IPhone XS max incell screen $ 145

IPhone 11 pro incell screen $ 175

Screen iPhone 11 pro max soft oled $ 245

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Note 9 Pro $ 90 display with MCF glass

Redmi 9 screen $ 60 with MCF glass

Redmi 7 screen $ 45 with MCF glass

Note 10 Lite $ 95 display with MCF glass

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A70 display $ 135 with MCF glass

Generic A30s display $ 55 with glass

A20s display $ 40 with MCF glass

J7 j700m $ 50 display with MCF glass

2018 A7 display $ 75 with MCF glass

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P10 Lite $ 40 display with glass

Y9 Prime 2019 $ 60 display with glass

Y9 2018 display $ 30 with glass

Matte 20 screen $ 85 with MCF glass

Screen Mate 10 Lite $ 30 with glass

About us

Driven by excellence

More than a company we are a solution, we have a specialized team with more than 12 years of experience.

5 years ago when we arrived in the beautiful city of Panama, we asked ourselves how we can improve the experience when fixing your phone, tablet or computer, and that is where Speed ​​Cell was born.

Valuing the time of Panamanians we take advantage of digital tools to offer not only a service in our workshop but also a home service where you do not stop spending time with your family, leaving your home, or having to go to the technician going through stress from the street and you can make the most of your time

since we have the necessary tools and we get to where you are to repair your equipmentwith a high level of reliability .

Every day we work to improve our service by adding the possibility of buying covers, headphones, keyboards, mice and other accessories for your phone, tablet or computer.

Be part of this experience and enjoy what Speed ​​Cell has to offer!

Servicio a domicilio al instante
Servicio a domicilio al instante

Observa mientras reparan tu celular
Observa mientras reparan tu celular

Desde tu Comodidad
Desde tu Comodidad

Servicio a domicilio al instante
Servicio a domicilio al instante


About us

Driven by excellence